Total CMS

Complete CMS and Blogging solution for Rapidweaver.

Complete control of your website content with Total CMS.

Total CMS provides a complete online editing solution for your RapidWeaver websites. You will have the ability to control all of the text on the page. This even includes text content from 3rd party stacks. Managing images could not be easier. You can leverage the CMS to manage the images of any 3rd party stack that supports warehoused images. It does not end there, Total CMS allows you to add galleries, files, depots, video and news feeds.

Total CMS is not your typical CMS. You build the entire admin portal with stacks. This gives you full control to build the admin interface that you envision. When you are ready to get it online, there isn't any complicated setup process or database. You just publish and enjoy online editing bliss.

Requires RapidWeaver 6, Stacks 3.1, and PHP 5.6+

Total CMS Stacks

Total CMS Content Text Stack


Edit not only paragraphs of text but any text throughout your webpage. This includes text inside 3rd party stacks and some RapidWeaver settings.

Total CMS Content Image Stack


Managing images could not be any easier. You can even edit images from any 3rd party stack that support warehoused images.

Total CMS Content Gallery Stack


Drag and drop gallery management is a cinch. The CMS will auto-generate all of the thumbnails for you on the fly.

Total CMS Content Gallery Stack


You can display the images that are a part of a Gallery inside a slideshow. You can even add captions to the slideshow via the image alt tags.

Total CMS Content Feed Stack


Not everyone needs a blog. News feeds can be a great alternative. Each feed post can contain an image and text. Feeds are an easy way to keep your website current without having to maintain a full blog.

Total CMS Content Blog Stack


Blogs are obviously a great way to interact and share your stories and experiences with the world. Blogs in Total CMS will change the way that you build sites with RapidWeaver.

Total CMS Content Video Stack


You can easily embed YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos onto your webpages by simply pasting in the URL to the video.

Total CMS Content File Stack


Managing individual files will allow you to maintain files and ensure that the URL to that file will never change. This is great for file downloads.

Total CMS Content Depot Stack


File depots are like image galleries but for files. You can upload as many files to the depot and easily display downloads for all of the files.

Total CMS Admin Protect Stack

Select Show

Selectively display content based on the settings the the user has chosen inside the CMS admin area. You can use the to show/hide complete sections of the website.

Total CMS Content Toggle Stack


Toggle on and off entire content areas with a simple click of a switch. It could not be easier to enable or disable content.

Total CMS Admin Core Stack

CMS Core

CMS Core provides a ton of macros that can be used to integrate the CMS throughout your RapidWeaver project. This even include 3rd party stacks that do not officially support CMS integration.

Total CMS Content Datastore Stack


Datastore allows you to input data into a form and store to into the CMS. The data can be easily downloaded to a CSV file.

Total CMS Admin Ratings Stack


Ratings allows you to define static ratings or allow visitors to dynamically rate things on your site. The CMS will display the average of those ratings on your site.

  • Total CMS Admin Core Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Logout Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Protect Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Cheatsheet Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Save Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Toolbar Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Logout Stack
  • Total CMS Admin Logout Stack

Total CMS ships with many other helper stacks that will assist you in building out your admin pages.